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About KiteLife

Our story started in 2003 when one of KiteLife's co-founders started kitesurfing in the beautiful and stunning coastal city of Essaouira in Morocco. Captivated by the feeling of freedom and the adrenaline this sport gives, he decided to start this journey. Thanks to decades of teaching, competing and practising, KiteLife offers you a holistic and unique concept for your adventure.

Birdseye Kitesurfing


The mission of our kitesurfing school is to provide the fastest and safest way to learn kitesurfing and surfing. Our instructors use the latest equipment and highly efficient teaching methods to ensure that you learn the basics of kiteboarding and safety in the water. There are quite a few things that you can do completely wrong and get yourself into danger, or use in your advantage and stay safe. How do we assure this? Read more in the link below.


We want everyone to experience kitesurfing and surfing in a safe and efficient manner. We are committed to investing our energy and finding new teaching methods to adapt to each of our students and make these fantastic water sports accessible to everyone. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you develop your skills with maximum confidence and in sheltered environments, so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride wherever you go. We envision all our students to be confident to kitesurf in any condition after receiving their certificate from us.

Set Up Kite
kitesurfing students with their teacher at the beach

KiteLife Team

Our Team consists of instructors from both Europe and Morocco, teaching kitesurfing, surfing and wingfoil. We offer lessons in five languages, including fluent English, Spanish, German, French, and Arabic.


Kitesurfing Basics

Our "Kitesurfing Basics" blog is the perfect place for those who want to learn more about this exciting water sport before the first class on the beach. We publish videos that introduce you to the vocabulary related to wind, kitesurfing equipment, and everything else related. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date and useful information to introduce you to this new sport. Visit us now to start your journey in the world of kitesurfing!

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