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Congratulations! You are an independent kitesurfer! Wohooo!! Now you can go around the globe to enjoy different spots! We invite to join our upcoming trips - because we´re better together and kitesurfing in a group is always more fun.

Masai People in Zanzibar Tanzania

February 2025: Zanzibar

In February 2025 we plan a KiteTrip to visit Zanzibar - the breathtaking island off the coast of Dar Es Salaam. It´s known for its incomparable turquoise waters. If you would like to kitesurf and enjoy a memorable vacation getaway, you found your next paradise destination.

For more information like necessary kitesizes etc. please contact us.

Come and join us in Brazil with the

"Kitesurf Brothers":

Our friend Yury and his team offer a series of kite trips for advanced riders. You will enjoy traveling downwind on the water along the coast experiencing waves and amazing flat water spots.


You will see familiar equipment: they are also a part of the Harlem family.

woman kitesurfing
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