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The KiteLife Team [100% Dedication]

At KiteLife we work in a team to accomplish our mission for you:

1. Getting you up on the board as quickly as possible.

2. Having fun while learning.

3. Making you feel safe all the time – on the beach and in deep water.

4. Understanding your errors through the video material of the day.

5. You take awesome pictures home – some digitally, others in your heart.

To get you there, we cooperate with the following people:

kitesurfer performing a trick in the water


I’m from Essaouira - one of the most beautiful coastal cities of Morocco. It’s somehow understandable that watersports always fascinated me since a young age. It must have been around 2003 when I started surfing. Only a few years later windsurfing was the next step. Around this time kitesurfing came up as well and I got hooked immediately! This incomparable feeling of flying over the water is difficult to explain - you have to experience it for yourself! From 2011 on I was teaching all those three sports in Morocco and the Emirates. That’s also where I was competing in kitesurfing. However the wind is way better in Essaouira and I decided to come back to my hometown. I was managing kite schools and continued travelling around the world to get to know more and more kitesurfing spots. So far I’ve enjoyed this sport in Morocco, the Emirates, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Colombia. More to come!

kitesurfer performing a jump in Dakhla


I´m originally from Germany. But since I first experienced the ocean as a young girl I always felt the wish to live next to the sea. That´s why I left Germany in 2013 to live in the south of Spain. Four years later I started kitesurfing – as I´m addicted to sports and I LOVE wind and the ocean, it attracted me for quite some time. I immediately fell in love with this feeling of freedom, adrenaline and disconnection from things that occupy my mind. Since then I traveled across the world, enjoyed this sport in Spain, Greece, the Emirates, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Colombia and since 2018 in different spots in Morocco. This country quickly became one of my favorite places to go – it´s close to Europe and has good flight connections. Different than Dakhla in Essaouira you have life next to kitesurfing as well: nice restaurants, cute cafés, cool bars, exciting concerts, different sports options and good co-working spaces with a stable internet connection. That´s why after 2021 I came more and more to Morocco; the next logical step was getting a place with my husband here.

Besides kitesurfing I love rock climbing and music. I was singing 10 years on German stages in different bands but are now a little but rusty when it comes to stage performances ;-)

man looking into the sun


I can say I´m an absolute sports addict! Without sports, I simply cannot exist. As I´m from Essaouira this includes as well different watersports. Since 2016 I´ve been teaching surfing and kitesurfing and developed my very own style. I like combining fitness and mental coaching to give my clients a holistic experience. Besides in watersports I use this approach as well as a personal trainer.

I actively support the sports organization Moga Athletic Leaders. Their mission is to promote sports amongst Essaouira's next generation and contribute to their physical education.

Besides sports I enjoy music a lot. It gives me an absolutely incomparable feeling that I never want to miss in my life.

kitesurf instructor walking in the shallow water smiling into the camera


Like Moncef I'm from Essaouira - the most beautiful kite spot in Morocco! People who come to learn here will be able to kitesurf everywhere else in the world. We make sure to prepare them for all possible conditions.


I started kitesurfing and teaching myself in 2016. Since then I worked as a kitesurfing instructor not only in Morocco in different schools but as well in Egypt with the internationally known kitesurfing organization UCPA.

I adore this sport and I LOVE teaching! My goal is that each student leaves with a smile on his/her face after the class.

If I'm not in the water you will find me most probably on a mountain bike sweating while I ascent some of the most beautiful spots around Morocco. Feel free to ask me for recommendations on where to ride if you're into this sport too.

According to the demand, we cooperate with more instructors.

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