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Prea & Jericoacoara
[The Northern Brazilian gem]

kitesurfing beach Prea

Prea: endless white beaches & constant wind

When the high season in Essaouira ends, we usually spend a few weeks to months in Prea: the a charming fishing village located on the northeastern coast of Brazil. It is a popular destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts, thanks to its consistent winds, vast sandy beaches, and breathtaking natural surroundings. In this place you feel the real Brazilian life — far away from the famous and touristic places. You can enjoy walks along the beach and get lost in a good book.

Be aware that most people only speak Portuguese. Chances that you find English speakers are low. With Spanish you will be somehow understood but spoken Portuguese is very different from the Spanish pronunciation. You might understand a few words if you speak Spanish but that's it. So take your dictionary :-)


A must-see in Brazil is the pintoresque fisherman village Jericoacoara. To get there from Prea, you can take a spectacular 20 km buggy ride over the beach through the natural park. The beach itself is hidden behind the dunes of the west coast of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, and consists of blue lagoons, calm seas, and huge dunes. Visitors can witness the sun sink into the ocean from the tall “sunset dune” just next to the village. In Jericoacoara itself you will experience walking on sandy paths only - no real streets.

horse on the beach in Jericoacoara
Eating Acai

Taste Brazil!

One of the most popular dishes of the region is churrasco, which is a type of Brazilian barbecue that is essential to the country’s cuisine and culture. Another must-try dish is feijoada, a hearty stew made with beans and pork or beef. Farofa, a toasted manioc flour dish, is a traditional condiment that goes well with Brazilian barbecue. For dessert, try some of Brazil’s exotic fruit flavors served up as sorvete (ice cream), such as maracujá (passion fruit), as well as doce de leite and dark cacao. Ceará is also known for its street food. Acai is a popular snack that is made from the fruit of the acai palm tree and is often served with granola and honey. Pao de queijo, or cheese bread, is a staple of Brazilian cuisine and is made from cassava flour and cheese. Tapioca is another popular snack that is made from cassava flour and can be filled with a variety of sweet or savory ingredients.

Where to kitesurf in Prea?

The kite spot in Prea is located at the eastern end of the village and is situated directly on the open Atlantic. The water temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius and is usually choppy with light waves. The closest flat water spot is on Barrinhas Beach, which is 7 km upwind away.


From July to December, Prea offers a 90% wind probability, often a few knots more wind than the other kite spots in this region, and kilometer-long sandy beaches. 

coconut in front of the kitesurfing beach
an airplane from the view of a passenger, over the clouds

Flight connections

The nearest airport is the new Jericoacoara Airport  (JJD) which has only domestic connections. From Europe, TAP and IBERIA airlines offer direct flights to Fortaleza from Lisbon/Madrid. Other carriers are often routed through Sao Paulo or Rio, before arriving in Fortaleza or Jericoacoara.

If you decide to fly into Fortaleza (FOR), you have several options to get to Prea and Jericoacoara within 3-4 hours: local buses (they don't transport boardbags usually!), private and shared transfer from different agencies or with a rental car. If you are an advanced kitesurfer you can reserve an organized downwind trip over a few days while your luggage will be brought to the next destination. Downwinders usually start in Cumbuco. Contact us for more information.

Please check here the current direct flight connections. Adjust the search if you want to see connections to Fortaleza.

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