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Change the Tide: [Harlem Kitesurfing]

After learning this (highly addictive) sport – what´s the next step? You will get your own gear. That´s at the same time exciting and very confusing. Because first of all there are so many different brands, kite models and board types out there (even the foot straps are a world of its own – can you imagine?). How should I know what´s good for me – now and in one year from today? Should I buy new or second hand? If I buy used equipment what´s important to have in mind? How can I travel with my gear? All of those and more questions we are more than happy to answer and guide you through what seems like a jungle at the beginning.

Harlem Kitesurfing

We would like to introduce you to our favorite kitesurfing brand: “Harlem Kitesurfing” from the Netherlands. Of course there are bigger names on the market that you hear everywhere. But for a few good reasons we LOVE Harlem and want to share that with you.

The Mission

If you ride a lot, you will ask yourself: how does it come that the equipment wears down so fast? This is the question that Alex and the team from Harlem asked themselves after so many years of riding, competing, teaching and repairing all kind of kitesurf equipment. You can make everything better - and so they were brave and crazy enough to start their own brand with a clear mission in mind. And what a result!!!

The people

Because we not only love their mission but also the people behind the brand and the cooperation with their developers, we decided to become an ambassador of their brand. That means we teach with different Harlem products and rent other more advanced types of Harlem kites and bars out.

The quality

We tested new and old material and can confirm: at Harlem you receive extra-long lasting equipment and outstanding value for a fair price what we didn´t see anywhere else until now! Therefore we sell their products - second hand from our school and also new Harlem products that can be sent it directly to your home address.

Become a part of the Harlem family!

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