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4P - Kitesurf Adventure Package

Total Price for 4 Persons

  • on one of the available beaches - depending on the conditions

Service Description

Are you ready to ride the waves, feel the salty breeze and experience the thrill of kitesurfing? Look no further. Our exclusive Kitesurfing Adventure Camp awaits you in the vibrant coastal city of Essaouira, Morocco. In addition to enjoying kitesurfing, you will have the opportunity to explore a World Heritage city, participate in group activities and immerse yourself in the rich Moroccan culture while meeting people from all over the world. What’s Included: - 5 Days of Kitesurfing Group Lessons (upgrade to semi-private possible*) - Top-Notch Gear: We provide the latest kitesurfing equipment, ensuring safety and maximum fun. - 6 nights in a stunning accommodation a few minutes from the beach (depending on availability) - airport transfer from Essaouira Airport (for Marrakesh, we charge 90 EUR for up to 4 people incl luggage, up to 2 boardbags) - Walking Food Tour through Essaouira with the locals - an authentic experience to discover local flavors - Multilingual Support: Our team speaks fluent German, English, French, Spanish and Moroccan Arabic. More experiences: - Delicious Moroccan Cuisine: Savor local flavors and indulge in traditional tagines and fresh seafood. We will show you the best places within the captivating World Heritage City of Essaouira (dinner itself not included in the price) - Exploration and Culture with the locals: we will introduce you to Essaouira’s medina, colorful souks, and historic ramparts await your discovery. To reserve, please proceed with a 20% deposit to guarantee your spot. The rest will be paid during your stay. * we will group you with other students for the class; if you don't want to share the equipment but only the teacher you can upgrade for extra +20 EUR per class, upgrade to private class for extra + 40 EUR compared to the original price.

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