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KiteLife Kids Package

Maximum safety with double surveillance (on the beach+in deep water), from zero knowledge on

  • on one of the available beaches - depending on the conditions

Service Description

Your child wants to learn kitesurfing? After more than a decade of practicing, competing and teaching kitesurf we experienced on four different continents with very different conditions all types of people learning this sport. From young kids to retired professionals. This allowed us to develop our unique easy to follow and fun program of 6 simple steps that even children follow with a lot of interest. We provide double security: as soon as your child enters the water there will be all the time an assistant surveilling your child in deep water in case he/she needs help we will be there to support. Between the teacher, the student and the assistant we are all connected via walkie talkies to provide support in any situation. Oour KiteLife Kids Package includes: - Warm Up Call (30 min)* - Pick Up Pact (up to 2,5 hours)* - Polyglot Prof (9 hours)* - Guardian Angel Guarantee (6-8 hours)* - Individual Insurance (9 hours)* - Priority Promise* Available in fluent German, English, French, Spanish and Moroccan Arabic. 50% off for the second person if you bring a friend to join the course!

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