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strapless kitesurfer jumping in the water

KiteLife Pro Rider Package

Example Premium Package for advanced riders

  • on one of the available beaches - depending on the conditions

Service Description

You enjoy this extraordinary sport of kitesurfing already some time and would like to learn more while taking home some good memories? We offer you a personalized package for the advanced rider you already are. This includes: - Warm Up Call (30 min)* - Pick Up Pact (up to 2,5 hours)* - Personal Paparazzo (2x 1 hour)* - 2x1 hour of advanced kitesurfing coaching* (choose from: learn new tricks, improve your style, try with a strapless board) - Spa Spoiling (2x 60 minutes)* - Yoga class (2x classes, several levels available)* - access to: KiteLife Club (unlimited)* - access to: KiteLife Trips (unlimited)*

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