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kitesurfer in the water

KiteLife Skyrocket Package

Example Premium Package

  • on one of the available beaches - depending on conditions

Service Description

You want to start kitesurfing – no matter if you come with zero knowledge or already know how to get up on the board. We introduce you to this sport and help you to improve to make it to the next stage. You want to learn transitions, go upwind or learn your first tricks and start jumping? Skyrocket your progress with Kitelife Watersports and our KiteLife Skyrocket Package – a full service package of 9 hours. This includes: - Warm Up Call (30 min)* - Pick Up Pact (up to 2,5 hours)* - Personal Paparazzo (9 hours)* - Polyglot Prof (9 hours)* - Guardian Angel Guarantee (9 hours)* - Individual Insurance (9 hours)* - Priority Promise* - Video Wonder (9 hours)* - Spa Spoiling (1x 60 minutes)* - access to: KiteLife Club (unlimited)* - access to: KiteLife Trips (unlimited)* Available in fluent German, English, French, Spanish and Moroccan Arabic. 50% off for the second person if you bring a friend to join the course! Requirement: both participants need to have the same level.

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