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KiteLife Surveillance Package

Surveillance for independent kitesurfers

  • on one of the available beaches - depending on the conditions

Service Description

You are already an independent kitesurfer but don´t feel yet 100% comfortable in setting up the kitesurf equipment, have difficulties to decide on which kite size to chose or don´t feel yet 100% safe alone in deep water? With your KiteLife Surveillance Package we come with you and lead you through all the steps, check on how much you pump the kite and help you to launch the kite. We will surveil you all the time in deep water. In case you lose your board you will receive it close by. Communication is secured with walkie talkies to give you the maximum safety through the whole time. When we finish the session we help you to land your kite and Pack the equipment correctly. This includes: - Warm Up Call (30 min)* - Pick Up Pact (up to 2,5 hours)* - Full equipment rental (2x2 hours) - Guardian Angel Guarantee (2x2 hours)* - Individual Insurance (2x2 hours)* - Spa Spoiling (1x 60 min)* - access to: KiteLife Club* - access to: KiteLife Trips*

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