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kitesurfers in the water

KiteLife Turbo Package

Example Package for all levels, unlimited hours for 3 days*

  • on one of the available beaches - depending on the conditions

Service Description

Learn the fastest and safest way to kitesurf with Kitelife Watersports and our Turbo Package. You can come with or without basic knowledge. The mission here is to bring you up to speed without any time limits. We will be with you at the beach and in deep water until you decide it's enough. This calls for a high class massage afterwards to be ready for the next day. Good news: this package is holistic. It includes absolutely everything what you need to get up to speed and become an independent rider within days: - Warm Up Call* - Pick Up Pact* - Personal Paparazzo* - Polyglot Prof* - All you can kite* - Guardian Angel Guarantee* - Individual Insurance* - Priority Promise* - Video Wonder* - Spa Spoiling (1x 60 minutes)* - access to: KiteLife Club (unlimited)* - access to: KiteLife Trips (unlimited)* Available in fluent German, English, French, Spanish and Moroccan Arabic. 50% off for the second person if you bring a friend to join the course!

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